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Manufacturing Office

By having found this website, chances are you already have some idea of who we are. Just to keep the record straight though, we’ll present our credentials. Then we’ll get on with what this website is really about…. helping people like you achieve phenomenal results in whatever aspect of agriculture you find yourself engaged.

1st Enviro Safety, Inc, the parent company of BioWash, is the corporate brainchild of Drs Ted and Ann Tidwell. The company came about because Dr Ann had a passion for finding a cleaning product that could be used by her grandchildren that did not contain carcinogens or harsh chemicals harmful to them or the environment. That passion led her to convince Dr. Ted to come out of retirement in 1997 to purchase a small soap company on Pine Island Florida.

After buying the company the Tidwells discovered the soap formula they had purchased had been misrepresented and did, indeed, still contain some harsh chemicals. Dr. Ted set about researching, modifying and testing the original soap formula, ultimately discovering their flagship colloidal soap formula that they dubbed “Purely Green”. His revised formula was composed of 99%+ processed plant chemicals and contained no toxins or cancer-causing ingredients. Purely Green quickly became a popular soap line among consumers who were interested in using biodegradable products that were gentle and safe for humans, animals and the environment, yet extremely effective.

After several years selling Purely Green Cleaners and Degreasers, Dr. Ted serendipitously discovered that this colloidal soap formula worked exceedingly well as a plant stimulant. The rest is history. After a series of revisions and modifications to the Purely Green formula, he created a new plant stimulant solution line for the company and named it “BioWash”.

Growers cannot contain their excitement about the results they are achieving from adding BioWash to their planting programs. Dr. Tidwell has hundreds of testimonies from people all over the world who cannot believe the results they are getting from using this fertilizer booster and plant stimulant. Despite the fact BioWash is not a fertilizer, growers are finding dramatically improved yields with less fertilizer application. By the time you leave our site we think you will understand their excitement. Our guess is you’ll also want to follow their lead. Who knows? You may even find a passion of your own in the process!