Natural Fertilizer Boosters

Fertilizer boosters are designed to help plants be more efficient in their absorption of natural fertilizers. They do this by increasing the plant roots’ ability to better process nutrients and moisture from the soil, supercharging the effectiveness of added natural fertilizers.

Bone Meal Fertilizer Boosters

Bone meal fertilizer boosters help plants more efficiently process this naturally produced fertilizer. This is important because bone meal takes longer to break down in the soil, making it more difficult for plants to get the needed nutrients quickly. By boosting the receptivity of roots, the bone meal can be processed as quickly as it is broken down.

Humic Acid Fertilizer Boosters

The job of humic acid in the soil is to help break up compaction, allowing for enhanced water penetration and better root growth and development. Fertilizer boosters highly complement the work of humic acid in soils by working at the root level of the plant, improving the uptake of essential nutrients and moisture that is made available for growth.

Kelp Fertilizer Boosters

Kelp is said to contain over 70 minerals and trace elements, growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins, all of which help accelerate growth, increase fruiting and flowering and help provide resistance to disease, insects and frost in plants. It can do its job only if it can reach the plant. Kelp Fertilizer boosters, like BioWash, actually enlarge and strengthen plant root systems, facilitating the uptake of these essential nutrients and moisture.

Manure Fertilizer Boosters

Fertilizer boosters, like BioWash, are natural adjuncts to organic manure fertilizer because they help prepare the plant’s root system to assimilate the natural elements in the manure and to absorb necessary moisture from the soil’s improved water holding ability as a result of manure application.