How Do Kelp Fertilizers Work?

Kelp comes from natural occurring seaweed. Loaded with nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, and potassium, it strengthens soil, allowing plants to become healthier in the process. Kelp boosts heat in plants and increases their capacity to withstand the outdoor elements. It Helps accelerate growth and increase fruiting and flowering. Because it aids in building the plant’s natural immune system, Kelp also provides resistance to disease, insects and frost.


Kelp is a valuable asset to plants as a fertilizer. It helps seed production and promotes thicker maturation of roots. It increases the production of chlorophyll, which leads to darker leaves and higher sugar levels in plants, and helps increase the amount of mineral intake. Because it is organic Kelp is eco-friendly.


Acquiring and preparing kelp can take substantial time and effort. A lot of raw material is needed to generate a small amount of fertilizer. Storage can be a problem because of its smell. Processed as a specialty item, Kelp Powder can be quite expensive to apply. Kelp also doesn’t supply all nutrients needed for plants so other fertilizers may need to be purchased to supplement it. This translates to higher costs to growers.

What Are Fertilizer Boosters?

Fertilizer boosters work to make fertilizer application work more effectively and efficiently. Property applied they help reduce the amount of fertilizer needed and therefore reduce grower costs. Because of the added effort and expense required for using kelp, it is essential that it be able to be absorbed quickly and thoroughly by the plant, to avoid waste and expense.

How BioWash Helps You

Organic fertilizers like kelp release their nutrients more slowly than synthetic fertilizers. BioWash acts as a stimulator to root systems of plants, actually helping to enlarge them so they more readily and efficiently absorb nutrients and moisture available in soil. It is therefore a natural adjunct to organic fertilizers because it helps the plant fully utilize all the nutrients as they are released from organic fertilizers. This contributes to outstanding crop growth and yield. BioWash is extremely cost-effective to use (less than $5/acre under normal application), is 100% biodegradable and totally safe for humans and the environment. Safe, effective and cheap…. Amazing!