BioWash is, simply stated, a plant booster on steroids. It is composed of 99%+ natural processed plant chemicals; is highly bio-degradable; contains no toxins or other cancer causing agents; is safe to use without special equipment; and is kinder to the environment.  Best of all BioWash works!

Via the process of cationic exchange, this amazing plant stimulant breaks down necessary plant nutrients and minerals into nano-sized particles that are small enough to be absorbed through the very hairs of the plant’s roots themselves. Because the plant does not have to work so hard to process food it has more energy for the important work of photosynthesis.

BioWash treated plants consistently reflect larger, more robust root systems; stronger stem and leaf structures; larger, more attractive and more tasty produce. BioWash treated crops have also been found to be frost resistant down to as low as 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of its degreasing properties, BioWash is highly effective as a veggie wash. It dissolves residual toxins, dirt and waxes from picked produce allowing those contaminants to be easily washed away with water.  An added benefit is that BioWash also helps extend the shelf life of harvested fruits and vegetables.

BioWash is easily mixed with water or a combination of water and liquid agricultural solutions and can be applied to crops by hand sprayer or via commercial sprayers.  Depending on quantity purchased and relative size of crops being treated, the average cost of BioWash ranges from $2.00 to $6.25 per acre. A gallon of BioWash 100 will treat approximately 20 acres of low growing crops one time in a season.  We recommend a minimum of 3 applications during the growing season.