Chemical Fertilizer Boosters

Chemical fertilizer boosters are formulated to help fertilizers do their job more efficiently. This is an important innovation because overuse of chemical fertilizers can be detrimental to the productivity of soil and harmful to people and the environment. Using the right fertilizer booster can result in less fertilizer use while at the same time maintaining productive lands, improving the environment and saving money for the grower.

Nitrogen Fertilizer Boosters

Nitrogen boosters help in the uptake of nitrogen into plants. Why is this important to growers? Simple. Synthetic fertilizer has proved to be effective at replenishing depleted soils with this critical growth nutrient, assuring consistent crop yields for growers each season. The more quickly and efficiently nitrogen can be processed by the plant, the more effective its benefits. Unfortunately, the benefits of nitrogen fertilizers are often offset by their detrimental environmental effects. Applying a good nitrogen fertilizer booster in conjunction with the fertilizer helps reduce the amount needed to sustain high crop yields, with less impact on the environment and at less expense to the grower.

Phosphate Fertilizer Boosters

Fertilizer boosters are formulated to help phosphate fertilizers more effectively promote good root growth and development, thereby producing even healthier, sturdier green plants than with phosphates alone. Why is this important to growers? Less need for fertilizers translates to less cost and less harm to the environment while assuring healthy, thriving crops.

Potassium Fertilizer Boosters

Like their brothers, nitrogen and phosphate, potassium fertilizers help make the work of the fertilizer easier. Potassium promotes strong, healthy plant stalks and helps resist crop disease. A good potassium fertilizer booster will help deliver the fertilizer to plant roots more efficiently, requiring less fertilizer to be used. Less fertilizer, better benefits, at less cost: A win-win scenario!