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Nitrogen Fertilizer Boosters

Nitrogen fertilizers work by reintroducing nitrogen to soils that have been depleted by farming activities. Why does this matter to the grower? Simple… Nitrogen is essential for the growth, development and seed production of plants. Plants use it to form structural, genetic and metabolic compounds based on amino acids. Nitrogen is also a vital component […]

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Phosphate Fertilizer Boosters

Phosphate fertilizers replace phosphate, one of the top 3 nutrients of the total 17 nutrients scientists have identified as essential to good plant growth. Phosphates are lost from soil through repeated harvesting activities. The addition of phosphate fertilizer helps produce healthy, dark green plants and enhances transfer of energy within cells, which stimulates early plant […]

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Potassium Fertilizer Boosters

Potassium fertilizers, like all chemical fertilizers, work by replacing lost nutrients in soil that are depleted of essential minerals from repeated harvesting activities. Commonly known as potash (element K), potassium was originally discovered by farmers centuries ago when they found that wood ash in metal pots was useful in aiding plant growth. Commercially produced potassium […]

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Chemical Fertilizer Boosters

Chemical fertilizer boosters are formulated to help fertilizers do their job more efficiently. This is an important innovation because overuse of chemical fertilizers can be detrimental to the productivity of soil and harmful to people and the environment. Using the right fertilizer booster can result in less fertilizer use while at the same time maintaining […]

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