How BioWash Helps You

BioWash is the crème de la crème of fertilizer boosters. After years of lab and field testing, BioWash is a leader in the fertilizer booster industry. Its developer, Ted Tidwell, states: “The phenomenal benefits of using BioWash as a fertilizer booster is the result of its action within the plants themselves. This is because plants, like humans and animals, are electro-magnetic and are therefore governed by Periodic Law. BioWash is comprised of exceptionally tiny particles called ‘colloidal micelles’. Each micelle carries a negative electro-magnetic charge that is capable of attracting, holding and exchanging positively charged particles (cations) of magnesium, calcium, carbon, trace minerals and other nutrients in a manner that allows roots to more easily absorb them.”

By making BioWash a regular part of your crop planning efforts, multiple benefits can be realized. Less fertilizer is needed, translating to less dependence on harmful chemicals. This reduces negative impacts on the soil, on our environment and on people, as well as less cost to the grower. Improved growth and stamina in plants means healthier, sturdier, more disease resistant plants; in fact, some growers report that plants which appeared to be beyond help have actually revived after BioWashing.  After BioWash treatments many growers report earlier harvests and exceptional crop quality and yields. The higher sugar content discourages insects, thus reducing the costs and health hazards of insecticides. The ability of BioWashed plants to resist freeze damage and to thrive during periods of drought has actually saved some growers their annual incomes.

BioWash is 100% biodegradable and contains absolutely no carcinogens. A winning deal for us and the planet!