BioWash Fertilizer Booster

What is BioWash? The short answer is that BioWash is a plant booster on steroids. It breaks down nutrients and minerals into nano-sized particles that make them more bio-available to plants. The result is that plants don’t have to exert as much energy to process their food. This leaves more energy available to the plant for the important work of photosynthesis. The result is larger, more robust, healthier and more productive crops. Produce is larger and tastier and harvests are earlier to market. Growers report higher yields and increased profit margins after consistently using BioWash on their crops.

Because BioWash mimics the effect of fertilizers, growers sometimes mistakenly believe it replaces these agents. This is not true.

BioWash is not a fertilizer and it does not take the place of a good plant nutrition program. It simply dramatically enhances nutrition, minerals and moisture uptake by the plant, which means the plant may need less fertilizer than in the past to do its job. Reduction of fertilizer use means less chemical runoff into water sources and reduced exposure to the health hazards of those products. It also means less expense for the grower.

As you browse this website, we encourage you to click on the numerous links that will help you better understand what BioWash is and what it is not. You will come to know why so many growers enthusiastically embrace this amazing plant stimulant as an integral part of their farming program. There is a plethora of photos that depict the successes farmers all over the world are experiencing after consistent use of BioWash.

1st EnviroSafety Inc and its formulator, Dr. Ted Tidwell, are both excited and humbled by the reaction by growers to BioWash. We hope as you browse this site that you might also develop an excitement about this wonderful contribution to agriculture. You may even find yourself believing, as we do, that BioWash could well become a catalyst to solving the world’s hunger problem. Now that is a worthy goal!

Happy browsing!

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